Hair Colouring

Hair Colouring at The Colour Lounge in Swansea – Changing your hair colour or even its tone is a very considerable decision, and never one to be taken lightly. It too is always recommended that this be undertaken only by the real experts, like those we have here at The Colour Lounge and of course Benjamins extensive expertise over seeing your treatment or conducting the service himself. How you feel about your hair is as important to us as it is to you, its colour or tone can impact on your life, and we understand this.

Our professional expert colourists under the wonderful, London Salon trained Benjamin Aldridge at The Colour Lounge will ensure that you are more than just happy with the final result, and that you will absolutely love it, leaving our Pink Palace feeling wonderful.

Making you feel fabulous, and ensuring your hair and beauty happiness is in our blood here at The Colour Lounge. Hair Colouring is an integral part The Colour Lounge salon and employing a professional team of expert colourists that take pride in offering our clients, day in, day out perfection.

We look forward to seeing you for a consultation, your patch tests and your appointment very soon.

How can I best take care of my newly coloured hair?

Please make sure to use warm water and shampoo formulated for new colour. I personally recommend avoiding the following brands: Treseme, Head and Shoulders or any Treatments Shampoos. These are noutorious for weakening or stripping colour. 

I just had my hair coloured, which shampoo would you recommend?

I highly recomend the brand Osmo. We stock the range in the salon, and this would be individually recommend to you during your appointment. But if you need a quality highstreet brand then I would go for BedHead.