Colour Specialist

Lets talk Colour – A full professional colour consultation with the experts here at The Colour Lounge is a life changing experience, and always for the better. With the best specialist techniques and hair colouring products being used, transformations really do happen here at The Colour Lounge in Swansea. The options are boundless.

We proudly ONLY use vegan and parabon free products here at The Colour Lounge. All of the colour products are infused with natural oils for a healthy shine. Unlike box colours, which contain expanding properties and sometimes ammonia, which are harmful to your hair follicles. 

We have an incredible professional team of colourists, proven to be the true Colour Specialists of Swansea. Rest assured that your luscious locks are in safe hands with us.

We look forward to seeing you for a consultation, your patch tests and your appointment very soon.

Why not to box dye?

When the hair follicles is expanded by the swelling agents, the hair follicle pushes out the colour, not to mention the chemicals and sometimes ammonia’s that are hiding inside. We also highly recommend that a professional carry out your colour process to avoid colour banding or build up.