When the decision for Full Hair Highlights is made, only a true hair colouring master should ever reach for the bleach. We are truly blessed here at The Colour Lounge, to have some of the best colourists in the business including the fabulous London trained and qualified Benjamin Stylist, available for the art form which is foils and tones, ensuring that your full hair highlight experience is something beautiful to behold.

The plethora of colours and tones available here at The Colour Lounge will both astound and amaze you, and coupled with expert advice and professionalism, the aforementioned decision to go with Full Hair Highlights at The Colour Lounge is one you can make in confidence.

We look forward to highlighting your week very soon.

Please contact us today and book your initial consultation, patch tests and highlighting appointment.

I just had my hair highlighted, which conditioner would you recommend?

All conditioners will help as they have a neutral PH balance. However some are far more nourishing than others. We recommend the Osmo Brand that we have stocked in the salon. Kerastase Paris specifically is in my opinion, gorgeous it smells like pearls and does wonders for your hair. 

How should I look after my highlighted hair?

We recommend you use a full conditioning treatment or conditioning mask fortnightly. Please also use heat protection before drying and styling, a morrocan oil is great with this. You can use your regular shampoo and conditioner.